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The rules
View At Villa Salakan, we have very strict rules regarding food, waste, and sustainability in order to only contribute to Bali and the world in a positive way. We are a zero-waste, vegan facility and do not allow guests to bring in any outside food or drink unless it is local, vegan and free of any packaging. All meals and snacks are provided and are vegan,zero waste and local, however we can show you where and how you can obtain any other things you may need in a responsible, ethical and sustainable way. We also do not allow smoking, alcohol or drugs while staying at Villa Salakan as these activities do not have a place in sustainable living - we want to show the utmost respect to our hosts, the Balinese people.

View At Villa Salakan, guests learn by joining in and participating in various farming and other activities. Besides being the best way to experience the amazing way of life in Bali, and being the best way to show your appreciation and respect for the wonderful welcoming people of Bali, participation in farming also provides guests with a solution to many of the Western health issues - you will be amazed at how good you feel during and after the various farming activities, all in the most beautiful, awe-inspiring setting. Each guest participates in farming for 3 hours each day, with other activities happening during the rest of the day

* all images provided by Kim Van Photography