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Welcome to Villa Salakan
View Nestled in the beautiful farmlands of Subak Uma lambing in Bali, Villa Salakan offers breathtaking views of the surrounding farmlands. The Villa provides an authentic local experience, far from tourists. The peace, tranquility and genuine experience of living amongst locals will provide you with a real sense of community and harmonious living. The Villa itself is a stunningly beautiful piece of craftsmanship, hand built by your host, Pak Made, a local farmer and community leader, who you will meet when you stay here.

The rooms
View Villa Salakan offers exquisite accommodation. You will find gorgeous, comfortable, beautiful, well designed rooms that look out onto beautiful landscapes and farmland. Double rooms consist of an upstairs bedroom with beautiful handmade queen size bed and two balconies, and a large downstairs lounge which can double as a second bedroom with pullout couch/sofa for families. The bathroom contains a cold water shower and flush toilet (with bidet spray - thus saving on excessive toilet paper use). The Villa has a washing machine for laundry. The Villa also has a central sitting area for meeting and reflection, as well as a communal kitchen and dining area with incredible breathtaking 360 views of the surroundings.

The accommodation
View Villa Salakan is a sustainable zero waste, vegan facility. This means that no outside food is allowed unless it is local, vegan and zero waste (no packaging). However all meals are provided courtesy of a team of local chefs who will spoil you with the most delicious local vegan dishes (e.g. nasi goreng, tipat cantok, mie goreg, cap cay, all made with local ingredients. Also, there is always a constant supply of delicious seasonal local fruit, and local coffee and tea.

* all images provided by Kim Van Photography